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Pressure Drop | About Pressure Drop

About Pressure Drop

Who are those guys?

Pressure Drop

and the new

≡ the Problem

Where is it written that computer peripherals shall disregard style, design, and elegance? Think about that for a second, as you look around your desk or office. Notice how technology has eviscerated the room's personality, with wires and plastic boxes consuming your work space like a mutant technology fungus.

You didn't seek out this chaos or set out to buy utilitarian designs pulled from a grim Orwellian future- it just happened as a result of not having a better choice.

Until now.

∴ the Solution

Pressure Drop was created with the mission to transform your entire perspective of what technology should look and perform like. From day one our designers have been free to follow their hearts, artistic fancies, and imagination as far as they can take them. (while staying within budget of course;)

Look to Pressure Drop for revolutionary new products and designs, ones you won't know whether to consider art, or technology. Products you may love, or you may hate, but products you will notice.

In time, we expect this fusion of art and technology to gain momentum as more and more people learn the intangible value found in aesthetics, graceful engineering, and solid, well-built products.

∞ our Mother Earth

We consider our Mother Earth an employee here at Pressure Drop. Corny, yes. But effective, also yes. She's always there, looking over our shoulder, asking is there an alternative to that material, will that product packaging end up festering in another of my pimples (her word, we know them as landfills) and generally reminding us that we have an obligation to minimize our impact on her.

Peruse our products and you're bound to notice we prefer metal and wood to plastic, even though it may cost more. While plastic has its uses and is at times indispensable and the only practical solution, we minimize use of it because of its environmental impact during creation and after disposal. Metal and wood may have an impact during manufacture, but at least they can be recycled, assuming you ever decide to let a Pressure Drop product go.

∏ workplace

We are based in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon because we know that providing a great work environment is more than just having live plants around the office and free soda in the fridge.

Achieving a healthy work/life balance is essential, and the outdoor activities offered in the Bend area are key to this. Also, as a corporation, it's our duty to be environmentally responsible, and enjoying the great outdoors helps us remember to make this a priority.